Stats Canada reports that visible minorities will represent 30% of the Canadian population by 2030, driven by South Asians. What does this mean to your menu and how do you capitalize on this demographic?

According to the 2013 Technomic Canadian Flavour Consumer Trend Report, there's growing consumer interest in new and unique flavours that drive traffic and sales. “Condiments and sauces give operators and consumers a way to add a unique flavour in a low-risk way,” says Kelly Weikel, consumer research manager at Technomic, a Chicago-based research firm. “A spread on a sandwich or salad dressing on the side lets them try something new but won’t ruin the meal if they don’t like it.”

The report also that 4 out of 10 Canadians are most likely to be lured into restaurants by new and innovative flavours, and that specifically, the influential Millennial demographic is trying ethnic foods more frequently when they dine out.

Gordon Food Service’s August 2015 blog on the “Demographics of Flavour” also suggests that “flavour innovation begins with millennials’ taste for global cuisine. Millennials’ cultural diversity gives them a different perspective…. A millennial Asian diner doesn’t view Asian food as ethnic, and neither should we. What we should do is expand our view of global beyond boomer-approved Italian, Chinese, and Japanese cuisines to also include contemporary global influences, including Indian...”

Technomic Canada’s 2015 analysis of Menu items confirms that Indian foods and flavours are surging in foodservice as evidenced by a 32% increase in Indian-inspired menu items since 2013.

When it comes to Indian foods, Patak’s has enjoyed over 50 years history, expertise and trust so you’re guaranteed products made with quality and care; it’s no wonder it’s the #1 Indian brand in Canada* and also enjoyed the world over. Patak’s is real, authentic Indian flavour.

*AC Nielsen MarketTrack, 52 weeks ending May 30, 2015

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According to Restaurant Canada’s 2015 Chef Survey, Ethnic cuisine continues to be a hot trend and Indian in particular, is in the Top 5 of Ethnic Cuisines and Flavours:
A very HOT TREND is Indian cuisine and flavours! Indian foods are in the TOP 5!
Ethnic Cuisines and Flavours

  1. Ethnic fusion
  2. Southeast Asian (e.g. Thai, Vietnamese, Burmese, Malaysian)
  3. Indian
  4. Korean
  5. Middle Eastern

What’s more the survey notes that ethnic sauces such as Indian raita are also trending well. Data is from Restaurants Canada Chef Survey, based on responses from more than 400 professional chefs. It was conducted by independent market research firm BrandSpark International in January 2015. Chefs were asked to rate the popularity of many different menu items, cooking methods etc. The Canadian Culinary Federation ( cooperated with the CRFA with this project.

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Ensure that your customers enjoy high quality, authentic and delicious Indian flavours. Patak’s offers Foodservice sizes with our most popular cooking sauces and pastes. With up to 50% savings by volume, you can spice up your menu, capitalize on the growing trend in Indian food and flavours, and manage costs.

Benefits of these tried and true sauces in convenient Foodservice sizes include:

  • Butter Chicken and Tikka Masala are the two most popular (and most mainstream) flavour profiles
  • Sauces provide the most consistent finished menu item (just add protein and vegetables) and are perfectly suited for operators who have skilled labour challenges
  • Sauces and Pastes are ideal for making the perfect curry or for adding to existing menu items to put a unique twist on the everyday to delight your customers
  • Safe and convenient PET plastic packaging
  • Easy-pour, easy grip, kitchen-friendly jug format
  • 2.2L Foodservice size offers a significant price advantage over current smaller 400 mL or 284 mL retail sizes

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